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Distribute and digitise your mail more efficiently with Merak Mailroom.

Mail. It seems simple, but it isn't. Every letter must be handled carefully and that takes time, work and administration.

Merak Mailroom helps you structure and digitise your incoming mail so that each letter reaches the right person or department. And all of that before the end of the day.

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How does Merak work?  
How convenient it is when you no longer need to open and sort those piles of incoming mail yourself! Merak opens the letters, sorts them and digitises them. We then deliver the correspondence to the appropriate person or department. Thanks to our all-in service, we can keep the original documents for you in our archive rooms or destroy them according to the appropriate standards. Handy, right?
   Your mail is quickly available digitally
   We take the load off your mind
   You save on staff costs
   Ideal for home working
The benefits for you  
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You are guaranteed to save time and money.

An organisation receives a lot of mail every day. Invoices, contracts, registered letters, medical records, insurance documents… Opening letters, sorting them, sending them to the right people... It's a time-consuming job.
Outsourcing your mail is a smart move to lighten the load for you and your staff. This will allow your employees to focus on their core tasks again, and the post will reach the right person much faster.

For home workers and a paperless office

By digitally delivering your mail to the right people, teleworkers also receive their correspondence without any delay. It goes without saying that this is a more efficient way of working.
But your office paper mountain will also shrink dramatically. We can deliver the original letters to you, but we can also keep them in our archives or destroy them if you wish. To ensure a sustainable practice, we recycle 100% of the shredded paper.

Quality of service  
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At Merak, you get a top quality mail processing service .

Your mail is in professional hands

Only professionals come close to your mail. Our leading experts are specifically trained to manage your Mailroom, and our other colleagues are also continuously trained.

Guaranteed information security

In the Merak Mailroom, your valuable documents and confidential information are 100% secure. We are a certified partner (ISO 27001 for information management). Your documents are always processed by our professionals in our own offices in Belgium.

We transport your documents ourselves

Our own secure courier service delivers your documents whenever and wherever you want. Couriers are available 24/7 so, even in a real emergency, your documents will reach the right place on time.

Guaranteed continuity

Merak has a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Plan that ensures you can always count on the continuity of our services. That way, your mail will always be delivered in good time.

Customer review 4,8/5 out of 108 reviews

Jan Piryns 27/09/2021


Katarina X 06/12/2018


Jan Verbruggen 01/02/2023


Zoals het hoort. Op tijd, vriendelijk. Enkel op de factuur was op voorhand niet meegedeeld dat het transport nog bijgerekend zou worden.

Patrick Scheerlinck 23/05/2023