ISO 27001

The international standard for information security

This standard specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, executing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS) in the context of overall business risks to the organisation.

Okay Highlighting and optimising processes

Okay Optimal availability of your information

Okay Proven integrity

Okay Guaranteed confidentiality

ISO 27001 was written with a green marker by someone on a wooden surface

Security standard for your information

Your archive probably also contains confidential information. That is why Merak maintains strict security measures for your documents and your digital data. They are kept in anonymous boxes and cases. The boxes are spread across different archive storage areas to spread the risk.
Your LTO and other digital carriers are kept in an underground e-bunker that prevents harmful electromagnetic waves caused by a lightning strike, e-bomb or solar storm from disturbing your data carriers.
An entire IT security team is on hand to secure our digital environment. Every year, we test how well we are protected against hacking. Our systems therefore offer the highest level of security.

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ISO/IEC 27001

Merak expertise

For more than 35 years, we have been helping our private and public sector customers to professionally archive, classify and manage information.

Our experienced experts guarantee you the ideal conditions for storing your data and ensure that you can find it quickly at any time.
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