Backup preservation
Offline means hackers no longer stand a chance
We keep your backups safe offline and off-site.

80% of Belgian companies face a serious computer or server problem each year. Ransomware, a technical breakdown or hacking always comes at the worst possible moment. And even in the cloud, your data isn't 100% protected. The risk of data loss is real. In the worst case scenario, you can only rely on that one Golden Backup to recover your business-critical data. That backup is nowhere safer than with us. We keep your backup tapes in our secure e-bunker and are ready 24/7 to return them if you need them again.

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How does Merak work?  
We keep your backups safe offline and off-site. And that's exactly what makes our service so watertight. Disconnected from any network and stored in a unique, but above all secure, underground Faraday cage, the data on your backups is safer than anywhere else.
   Professional backup service
   Safe offline storage
   Custom transportation
Optimal storage conditions  
Photo of an aisle in the e-bunker
High-security e-bunker

We store your backup tapes safely and sustainably in an underground safe, built to the strict standards of Swiss Civil Protection. The climate in our secure e-bunker is optimal for storing your server tapes and other magnetic carriers.

Smart Faraday Cage

Your data carriers are kept in an underground vault, which we call the Merak e-bunker. This clever construction prevents harmful electromagnetic waves caused by lightning strikes, e-bombs or solar storms from interfering with or damaging your information carriers.

State-of-the-art firefighting

The entire storage area is also equipped with a smart fire extinguishing system with environmentally friendly gas. If a fire breaks out, we can extinguish it without damaging your tapes or backups.

Quality of service  
A picture of a parked Merak van
At Merak, you get the highest quality service for the preservation of your backups.

Cybercriminals don't stand a chance

We'll keep your data off the grid. This means, outside of your own information system, but also without any connection to the Internet.
If your cloud fails, we can still recover your Golden Backup.

Concluding backup system

We will be happy to help you prepare a data recovery plan. Together we look at the risk your IT infrastructure is facing, and then we establish an appropriate and watertight backup schedule.

100% traceability

With our barcode system, you can easily track your backups with our online inventory software. You have complete control.

Regular or sporadic service

Our online formula is the ideal solution for on-demand backup switches.
Would you rather have a fixed exchange schedule? That is possible. Our expert will be happy to contact you and assist you with advice.

Customised transportation

Our air-conditioned transport has even more advantages. This ensures that each carrier is delivered to you at the right temperature, so it can be used immediately in the coldest winters or hottest summers.

Customer review 4,8/5 out of 109 reviews

Inge Van Dosselaer 12/12/2022


Zeer tevreden over de service en de prijs. Alles werd snel opgehaald en afgehandeld. Kortom: tevreden.

Raf Hiel 27/07/2022


Lisa Cassettai 07/10/2020


Super service. Très clair et rapide.

Roeland Gyssels 30/10/2020


Super bedrijf!