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We store, manage and digitise your paper documents securely and anonymously.

We help you structure, classify and store all your documents externally. Your documents are stored in our secure storage rooms in optimal conditions and in accordance with your company's legal retention periods or internal guidelines.
Need a document again? Then we will return it to you via our own courier service or you will receive it digitally. Because we've also been thinking about teleworkers.

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How does Merak work?  
With more than 35 years of professional information archiving, classifying and management experience, Merak is happy to help you find the best solution for your archive. We can help you by archiving your paper records...or by digitising some of your records. We can assess your needs and offer you a tailor-made solution – including a transparent price quotation - in no time.
   Unlimited archive capacity
   Fast and efficient consultation
   Optimal storage conditions
   Pay as you go
Optimal storage conditions  
Sprinklers in Merak's storage areas
The most suitable and safe environment

Paper documents are very sensitive to outside influences. The ultraviolet rays in daylight can cause paper fading or yellowing, and fire or water damage can also have dramatic consequences. That's why we keep your archive in the most suitable, secure environment.

Constant power supply

Thanks to our own off-site emergency power generators, we can guarantee a constant power supply, no matter what.

State-of-the-art firefighting

Also in the field of fire safety, your archive is 100% protected: Each Merak archive room is protected with two fire detector systems. Only when both systems sound an alarm will a sectional sprinkler system be triggered for targeted fire fighting.

Quality of service  
A picture of a parked Merak van
Merak offers you the highest quality service for the preservation of your archives.

Efficient information management

Our Merak archive experts will advise you on how to manage your archive efficiently. You save on administration and unburden your employees.

Guaranteed information security

At Merak, your documents and information are 100% secure. We guarantee this with our ISO 27001 certificate for secure information management.

User-friendly archive management

Merak developed its own secure applications that allow you to access and manage your archive 24/7, wherever you are.

Professional employees

All Merak employees are experts in archiving and receive continuous training. All operational managers are specifically trained in fire prevention, among other things.

In-house secure transport

Merak has its own secure courier service. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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