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Our corporate values

A people-focused organisation
We are strongly committed to creating a pleasant working environment. Thanks to our informal business culture, short reporting lines and concern for a good work-life balance, our colleagues will be happy to tell you that this is a good place to work. We don’t only care about our own people but also about society at large. For example, we cooperate with sheltered workshops and we are committed to animal welfare.
Thanks to our solar panels we cover our own electricity needs and also our fleet drives largely electric vehicles. Sustainability is also reflected in our solutions. For example, our boxes have an FSC label.
Real training opportunities
Working independently is central to your job, but we regularly give you a boost through training.
Attractive working environment
From the start, we have focused on a green working environment. Where possible, we landscape our sites. Our regular gardener comes by regularly to maintain the plants. Inside too, at Merak, it is gradually turning green. Little by little, we are expanding our assortment of houseplants so that eventually our offices too will become a green oasis.
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Head office of Merak in Mechelen
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Professional accurate services
Certification & Compliance

Certificates are a must for our corporate image and customer satisfaction because they prove that: Merak is the quality partner for your archives.

Growing in quality every day  
Legal retention periods

Now was it 3, 5 or 10 years? How long do you need to keep certain documents? No worries. We've been keeping an up-to-date overview for you for years. You can download it for free from our website.

How long should you keep your documents?