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Will my archive remain in good condition, even after years?
Am I committed to a long-term agreement?
How do I keep the inventory of my archive?
How can I access my archive?
Is archiving at Merak expensive?
Is my archive confidential with Merak?
Is my archive insured with Merak?
Can I consult my archive on site?
Can I seal my archive boxes?
Will I receive a certificate upon destruction?
Can obsolete archives be destroyed?
Can you prove that Merak is cheaper?
Can you take over my archive in the short term?
When can I access my archive?
Who can access my archive?
Do you provide credentials?
How is fire protection and suppression done in the repositories?
Are my archives safe with Merak?
How long should I keep my documents?
What reporting will I get from Merak?
How does Merak avoid mistakes?
Why should you archive at Merak?
What can you store in the Merak climate chamber?
What is meant by laboratory and ULT archives?
In what way are materials frozen?
How is confidentiality ensured?
Do Merak's procedures comply with labour protection regulations for handling hazardous products (e.g. formaldehyde)?
How will the continuity of temperatures in warehouses be ensured?
Does Merak have emergency power generators?
How is fire prevention and suppression organised at Merak?
Does Merak have the necessary licences to store medicines?
When and how soon can I access my archive?
Is external laboratory and/or ULT archive expensive?
Are my stored materials safe at Merak?
What reporting will I get from Merak?
How does Merak avoid mistakes?
When can I access my documents?
Can my digital archive be classified by the departments within my company?
How will access to my documents be arranged?
Is the authenticity of the documents guaranteed?
How are files stored?
How are files deleted?
Can we track who logged in when and what actions were taken?
What costs should I take into account?
How can I look up my documents in the archive?
How does Merak guarantee the correct rotation of my backups?
How is the transport organised?
How quickly do you do a non-current exchange?
How does Merak prevent mistakes?
How does Merak ensure the agreed delivery times?
How does Merak ensure discretion?
Is electromagnetic protection useful?
Can Merak provide references?
Do I have to indicate the cases to be exchanged each time?
What reporting do I get from Merak?
Are my magnetic carriers safe at Merak?
When can I dispose of my media carriers?
Who may pass on instructions to Merak?
What is degaussing?
What is the benefit of degaussing?
Physical destruction or demagnetisation?.
How does demagnetisation restore the top condition of the carrier?
Doesn't a computer overwrite those old data by itself?
Can I reuse all carriers?
Can Merak provide digital files that can be imported into your DMS (Document Management System)?
How can I quickly find my digitised documents?
In what form can Merak deliver the digitised documents?
What costs should I consider?
Is Merak responsible for digitisation or is it outsourced to a partner? What guarantee do I have that my documents will not be lost?
What to do with the documents after scanning?
What are the benefits of scanning in and storing documents electronically?
What type of documents are suitable for digitisation?
What formats can Merak scan and what is the quality of the documents.
In summary
What is the difference between the process for archiving through the e-commerce platform and offline services?
How does Merak handle my privacy? And are my data handled securely?
How can I change my profile?
How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter and/or the commercial mailing?
Can I have someone else manage my account?
How can an employee view the archive that is on my account?
Can I let someone else manage my account?
I forgot my password. What to do?
How can I pay on My Merak?
Will my order be processed immediately if I want to pay by bank transfer?
Is online payment safe?
Are there any additional charges for the different payment methods?
How can I add a PO/order form number on my invoice?
How do I know if my order was accepted?
I placed an order but did not receive a confirmation. How is that possible?
Will I receive an invoice?
When can the Merak contact centre be reached?
Can I cancel an order?
Can I place additional orders during the year?
When will my retrieved archive be visible on the online application?
What if my custody is coming to an end?
When does my archival storage start and for how long?
Should I pack my archive in advance?
Where does Merak store my archive?
Can I use my own boxes to store my documents?
Do you have a digital platform where I can access my records?
How can I stop custody?
How long should I keep my documents?
When can I access my archives?
What is included in the budget?
How are the images delivered?
What about non-scannable items?
Do I have to sign separately for agreement for destruction?
What if the specified volume does not match the order?
What will be billed?
How do I determine my volume?
What is included in the document destruction service?
Am I obliged to pay online?
Do I need to be present when documents are collected for destruction?
How will my archive be destroyed?
What happens to my archive after destruction?
What is included in the service of data destruction?
What is the difference between standard data destruction and media destruction with inventory?
How do I determine my volume?
Which archive boxes does Merak offer?
When will my boxes be delivered?
What are the shipping costs?
My delivered order is incomplete. What to do?
Why should I choose backup preservation?
When will my retrieved media carriers be visible on the online application?
What if my storage is coming to an end?
When does my retention period start and how long does it last?
Where does Merak store my media carriers?
Are my media carriers safe at Merak?
At what times can I dispose of my media carriers?
How can I stop the storage of my media cariers?

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