Merak Digital Archive (MAO)
Our experts look at the most efficient solution for your business.
We store your digital documents in our ISO-certified digital archive for easy online management.

Plus, thanks to the convenient search function, you can easily search your documents in the digital archive, even for content. All this while keeping your original documents secure.

This application allows web services, so integration with your own software is perfectly possible. We guarantee security, accessibility and quality.
By storing your digitised documents in our digital archive, you make all your digital records permanently available in a protected online environment. We call this service ‘Merak Archive Online’, MAO for short . This tool does not need to be installed on your internal systems. So you don't need IT support. And you only pay according to the number of users and the stored volume.
Result: with MAO, your company documents and records are always at hand.

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How does Merak work?  
The MAO application allows you to access your online archive whenever and wherever you want. All you need is an internet connection. You can quickly save a digital copy of your documents. Plus, your digital documents are there for as long as you want: your data will never be erased unless you explicitly request it.
   Ease of use
   Easy start-up
   ISO 27001 certified
   Transparent subscription
Optimal storage conditions  
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Online flexibility combined with authenticity

Each document stored online will be assigned a specific code from us – a unique combination of letters and numbers. This code allows you to demonstrate to the competent authorities that your digital documents are kept according to the rules. Meanwhile, this code – also called hash code – is required in some sectors to keep an online archive.

Secure communication

We go a long way to ensure your safety online too. Data communication is as secure as Internet banking. For example, you can only log in with a specific two-step verification. Doubly safe, then. In addition, each letter you exchange through Merak Archive Online is encrypted across the Internet.

Flexible extraction

Always having access to your complete online archive is very convenient. But do you still need your physical documents again? On simple request, a courier will bring the original documents to your office at the agreed time. This makes it easy to combine the flexibility of a digital archive with the authenticity of your paper documents.

Quality of service  
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At Merak you get top quality service for the preservation of your archive.

Ease of use

The convenient search function makes it easy to search your documents in the digital archive, even by content.

User and access control

Online archiving at Merak is flexible, but access to your digital archive in our application is strictly secure. You control who gets access to which files. This effectively protects important or confidential information from unauthorised persons.

Strict online access control (audit trail)

The Merak safety system tracks every movement in your digital archive. So you know exactly who is accessing which files online and when. If you wish, we can even provide you with clear statistics.

Integration with your business software (Web services)

Merak Archive Online is very easy to integrate into your own software. So easy that it will seem as if the online archive module is part of your software package from the beginning. In addition, you don't need to change your way of working, habits or procedures. Curious about what our digital archiving software can do for your business? We would like to explore the possibilities with you.

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Lynn Corten 29/11/2022


Een afspraak maken gaat supervlot en gemakkelijk. Heel gebruiksvriendelijke website en vriendelijke opvolging van de medewerkers. De opruiming ter plaatse ging uiterst vlot en de man aanwezig was super sympathiek en behulpzaam. Aanrader!

Matthias H F Sileghem 06/03/2024


Snelle reactie, correcte prijs, goede communicatie.

Asbl Autrement 29/04/2020


Rapide et très professionnel

Christophe De Winde 15/06/2021